Monday, 18 July 2011

Guest Designer at......

 The theme this month is **MY NEST**. 
So anyhoooo, began with some cardboard for the base, stripped it back to reveal the corrugation and panited it with loads of BRIGHT acrylics. Then layed some 7Gypsies tissue paper on the top. Another light dry-brushing of white acrylic just to highlight the corrugated cardboard.

 Had this cardboard embellishment of a NEST -believe it or not- in a kit from Storyboard Kits. Just roughed it up with some sandpaper; making it perfect for this theme.

 Hmmm, more layering, this time a cute little Maya Road chipboard bird, some fabric from a kit, some hessian and the buttons from hubby's shirt from THIS POST.

The way I like to approach the challenges at THE CREATIVE TYPE, is to concentrate on my handwriting and experiment with different fonts. Above you can see the handwriting on the photo which I had to alter to suit the space and the size of the nib. The title is written with a big black paint pen available from newsagents. I did not plan or pencil in anything; I use this as a great opportunity to "let loose". I coloured the MY word inside with Unbleached Titanium (Jo Sonja) and wiped it back to reveal the corrugation underneath.

Not sure what I did with the photo?
Here's a little tutorial showing how easy it is with a spray bottle of water, some sandpaper and baby wipes.



  1. hmmm my comment just disappeared!
    luv that tute....looking forward to many many more Gigi- awesomeness!! and CONGRATS on ur GT position...that LO is incredible! x

  2. Love all this texture! Fab layout! xx :)

  3. AWESOME tute Gi!! give us more!
    luv Renee