Monday, 28 February 2011

Last for the Month!!

It's a Pencil Lines sketch coz this month, I've been feeling a little sketchy!!

I love the little girlies below - from the paper you get in Frankie magazine -- super duper weirdo sisters.
Yes, peoples....that IS pink all over this layout. I needed a dead-set lie down afterwards. Soooo much PINK and softness and girliness.

And there you have it for February. I'm sitting here in my togs. It's 33C outside and I'm wondering if I should have another dip in the pool, or start dinner........

gosh decisions.......decisions.......decisions.......splash!!!
(steak & salad it is then!!)

ahhhh, RENEWED
(and refreshed)


  1. omg LOVE it gi!!! too funny those photos crack me up!!! LOVING LOVING your layouts.... as always XOXO Charmane

    ps you will be happy to know that i have done a couple "boy" pages too :)

  2. gorgeous layout, Gigi! Sounds like you're enjoying your new house too. Take care, Deb xx

  3. Hahaha Gigi, love youre LO!

    What awewsome chicks!!!!!!

    Seems like the move has been good for you!!!


  4. Sounds like a life of luxury!! Your page cracks me up!! Two crazy girls alright!