Sunday, 23 May 2010

Special Project Time....

Here are 3 layouts for some special, beautiful "little people" in my life. These are going to their parents to frame and hang as they wish. Love these kids, like I love my own.
When they coined the phrase "crazy beautiful" I think they had these 3 in mind LOL.

Beautiful Soul began as Sandie's Online Class and just morphed (which is unprecedented ...NOT)

SEEK to share your craft with those you love xxx


  1. Oh Gigi.......I love the LO's They are AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Love all the bits and pieces you have added.....I keep going back to look at them, cos I see something I missed before....LOL

    Take Care....XXXX

  2. beautiful.... they will LOVE them I am sure!!!!

  3. They look fab Gi.Take care Kerry xx

  4. Lovely work, Gigi! Your flowers look awesome too! :D

  5. You are just such a Beautiful soul Gigi!
    I bet these kids & their parents are ecstatic over these!
    Beautiful work babe!