Saturday, 20 February 2010

Running With Scissors

All seats are taken!!!
Thanks everyone.

If you still want to visit and buy some amazing cards, embroidered towels and the hanging kind with all the crocheting on top (love those), I would love to see you there.

I'm planning another online class somewhere, somehow, perhaps in Term 2, after Easter. I have a NING site but need some help tarting it up. {{smiles sweetly}}

As a family, we have loads going on - soccer, home-based therapy, super ugly blood tests, travelling hubby, possibly the house being built (ah, yes, that's been in the pipeline for 15 years LOL). My family and friends are SICK TO DEATH of hearing about the house!!!! I am too which is why it's this year - or else LOL!!! "else" haha

Thanks for stopping by and I will be back with heaps of pics and hopefully a final tally and that shopping list.....woohoo!!!!


  1. GREAT news about your class. Wahooo a Ning site.. sorry cant help, no idea with that stuff :) x

  2. YAY for your class being full (not really a surprise to me!) you will be awesome!!! sounds like you are very busy, good luck getting through all the stuff! can't wait for your "ning" class and I have no idea how to tart them up LOL

  3. hope the class is an awesome success - which with you in charge it will be :)))))