Thursday, 9 July 2009

123 + secret squirrel project sneaks

The July criteria for 123 challenge is up!!!!

1. Altered photo - either digitally altered or manually altered (eg, sanded, journalled on)
Kate Middleton

2. Use paint on a stamp (s) for your layout.
Mandy Dodd

3. Polka dots
Karen Brierley

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Email your entries to by the last day of July!!!

Charmane and Karlene are also announcing their new Creative Team this month, so I'll be checking in daily for a new (and some old) faces!!

I usually don't do these but due to school holidays I've not had time to do anything other than scrap commitments - and I always like to SEE something when I visit YOUR blogs (heehee), so to satisfy your insatiable appetite for eye candy......

Something special I'm cooking up for Nicole at Craft Queen.

The next peek is a design I copied from one of my Denver purchases last year and turned into a lino cut......You'll be seeing more of these (cheaper than one of those Goko Printers...and they'll never be discontinued LOL)....

Nicole also has her famous Ribbon Club for July loaded. They sell quickly! I have a couple of previous months' worth and they're awesome!!!! They come with instructions so nit-wits like me can use every last bit.

Roll on Tuesday!!!!


  1. Loving those sneaks - can't wait to see more. Looking forward to scrapping tomorrow - better go find some photos ;)

  2. just found you while surfing and love what these sneak peeks show. cant wait to see the layouts.

  3. Im liking those sneaks, I can't wait to see the whole layout/s.

  4. Love the sneaks Gigi, looks awesome and very arty, really would love to see the whole project :)