Sunday, 21 June 2009


every time I hear this word, I see visions of Kate Bush with her floaty, eccentric wonderfulness on a heather somewhere in northern hemisphere Springtime!!

I should lay off the caffeine for a while!!

Here's the layout from Ngaire's class a couple of weekends ago.

Escaped to Inkredible yesterday and managed to complete this layout, based on
Charmane's online class at Bon's.....

The basic elements are there but used Summer, not Winter papers and photo; and didn't stamp the background attempt looked seriously dodgy.

Loved the class anyway Charm {mwah}

Hubby and I went on a date last night. Managed a lovely, relaxing dinner at SIX DEGREES at Indooroopilly, followed by STAR TREK.....OH MY GOD. You need to see this movie on the big screen! Fantstic story and visuals....oh, so, interesting.

I'm becoming more disciplined on the domestic front which means, surprisingly (or not) more time for scrapping and arty stuff. I still have some lino cuts I want to share and USE, and more ideas for the ART JOURNAL.

Oh, and do I have some TRULY HAPPY MAIL to share with you .... as soon as the camera charges up. You will envy me to the ends of the Earth!!'s a good thing!


  1. Okay have you had any more coffee, buzz buzzzzz!!!

    Your LO's are just so full of energy, love all your creativity that you fit into a page girl. They are wonderful.

  2. Giovanna- Inkredibles 12 hours crop was worth it for many reasons, not least of which was meeting you and Tina! Love your blog, I will definitely be returning! Have fun...Julie

    ps hope last night's date was even better than expected!!!!!

  3. Hahaha Maybe too much coffee is my problem too Gigi. lol

    Stunning layouts but what is your news???

  4. You're right it looks nothing like Charms but I LOVE it!! Love that it is so different...mine was pretty different too, lol. ;0)