Monday, 6 October 2008

Friday on my mind.... (and scrapping)

LAST Friday that is!!

Great day bushwalking at Maiala National Park. Went to Green's Falls - we all couldn't believe how much water is around, still. There's been no decent rain for a while, but still a good flow.

present: Me, Mackinley, Rainer, Mum, Nena, Isaac, Joseph, Lilly, Oskar, Meg. 4 adults and 6 rowdy, energetic kids.

Rainer stayed close by me, holding my hand the entire walk. I'm wondering where this fantastic child has come from!! Did something happen and I missed it???

Lots to see and touch. This enormous old tree. Took the lot of us, holding hands, to reach around it. JUST FANTASTIC.

We got to the falls and the kids were desperate to touch the freezing cold water. Then Rainer crawled past the railing too and thankfully my sisters we there or we would have lost him!! He's that bloody quick!!

He didn't complain too much when we headed back, although Lilly and I had to piggyback him all the way back!! There was my exercise for the MONTH!!

SCRAP THERAPY CC. Some great challenges. Was looking forward to doing at least one.

But then.......

Mackinley had the day with Rory at the State Library. They had a ball.
Meanwhile, Rainer had woken that morning vomiting (again) and this time he didn't stop. So a call to his GP and homeopathic drops to stop the vomiting. Spent all of Saturday washing towels, sheets, pillows, couch covers, ......


Michael had to shop for the BBQ on Sunday so I lost him for a few hours. Then he had to finish the run for the chooks. No more free ranging. Rainer's catching too many parasites. Looks fantastic (no photos yet).

Vomiting stopped but had to prep for the BBQ and put final touches on the Chook Run. Great having the Watts over again. With daylight savings in NSW, the game started at 4pm, so early to bed (thankfully).

Which brings us to today....

BOYS BACK AT SCHOOL!!! Was half-expecting a call from AEIOU to collect Rainer, but he had a great day.
Gym this morning.
Breakfast with Trish then home to scrap. (I'll clean the house tomorrow PMSL)

The recipe scrap with Amie at Forever Always on Thursday night. Using some more Buzz & Bloom yumminess

Had so much fun with it (and it was super easy) Mackinley wanted one for himself....

Bon's CC challenges are due tonight, but only got Peta's blind challenge done.

Neither my Snapfish order nor Bon's parcel arrived today, so had to make do with the stash I had.

Some things I'm looking forward to:
1. Bon visiting at the end of this month (YAY)
2. Prep visits for Rainer
3. Bon's retreat next August
4. My snapfish order (LOL) and Bon's parcel.
5. Mackinley losing another tooth!!
6. Another blog-lurker saying "Hi!!" (Hi Lea!!)

Not mind-blowing, but I've decided I can't have "mind-blowing" every week!!!!

brighter and buoyant....


  1. looks like a great walk.
    I'm definatly up[ for it.
    soooo looking forward to meeting irl :)

  2. Hi Gigi looks fab love the tree huggers!!! and the gorge tree
    Great blog honey

  3. HEY you forgot to say you are looking forwrad to my PARTY ;)
    LOVE your pages GIGI.... specially the robot ones ;)

    Great photos of the bushwalk!

    Love Charmane

  4. hey great pics and love the pages.take care Kerry xx

  5. Gorgoeus layouts Gigi, I love the ones of the boys.

    Lucky you getting to meet Bon, enjoy your visit.

    I love the tree hugging photo.

  6. YAY For Rainer!! glad he had such a good helps to have those! Love the LO's too, they are totally cute...I can't wait for Bons retreat either - bring on august '09

  7. Hey G, Good to hear life is good in your part of the world! See you on Saturday, Tamara

  8. Hi Gigi!(waving madly...) What an amazing old tree and LOVE the shot! Fabulous!

  9. love the tree huggers.. lol

    and those robot pages WOWZERS... love em..