Sunday, 24 December 2006

Quick Update on all things Festive!

Wow, what a night!!! Had a fabulous dinner with the girlies Angela, Cara and Kelly (unfortunately V couldn’t come) and my sis Nena turned up just in time to go to The Zoo.

Saw some great local talent (on stage, that is!!) and it was sooo unreal to be in a venue without being choked by cigarette smoke!! I’m sure it used to make the hangover worse!! Thank God for Tyrone Noonan!! What a voice and what a sweetie. By that time, only Ang and I were left standing (pikers!!) and when he sang “Bastard Son” from the George CD, just about the whole place piled onto the dancefloor!! JUST AMAZING!!

No hangover to report. Just very weary….

Look who’s been continually “trimming” the tree…..

and who helped me make the ice-cream cake today!!

All is still calm and all is still bright. Can hopefully drag Mackinley to Mass tomorrow morning, but you know kids “it’s booooorrrring Mum!!” God love ‘em……

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. Stay safe and enjoy time with your family –or at least try to stay calm.


p.s. Leish's tagged me, so stay tuned for that one!!

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  1. Wow, it looks like you had a ball, and a very Merry Christmas Gigi, and New Year. loving your layouts in the other post just gorgeous.

    Best wishes